Photography Paradise

The Diamond T Guest Ranch is a photographer’s paradise. Snow capped peaks, miles of forest, abundant wildlife, 5 photographer’s blinds, ponds, streams, rivers, woods, birds and pastures—it’s all here in constantly changing colors, shades, forms and light.

Horseback Riding

We are somewhat unique as a guest ranch in that we are not outfitters and do not provide horseback riding, which is 1 way we are able to keep our rates low. We have horses that you can pet, groom and feed; you can bring your own horses for $15 per night and ride them on the ranch or on trails next to the ranch or across the road in the National Forest; or we will help you make reservations at 1 of the 2 places in the Bonner County that offer horseback riding: Mountain Horse Adventures on Schweitzer Mountain Ski area, or Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Both are great places and the owners of both are our friends. We recommend either or both and the going rate is about $70 for a 2 hour ride per rider. There is also a 3rd place that offers pony rides for children that we will be glad to help you call.

ATV/Dirt Bike/Snowmobile/4 x 4 Heaven

Just catty cornered across the road from the ranch is the entrance road to the National Forest where there are hundreds of miles of good, gravel roads networking through 50 by 50 square miles or more of National Forests. You can literally ride from the ranch to Coeur d’Alene, Wallace or other cities along the I-90 corridor 50 miles south on these roads. Some of our guests ride every day for a week, never getting tired of the gorgeous mountains, seeing a wide variety of wildlife and sometimes not seeing another human or vehicle all day. The roads are like a spider web with new adventures down every turn so that once up on top, you can drive on roads new to you every day. For those who ride there, they come back with photos and praise that it is heaven for this kind of riding.

Family Reunions

Each summer we generally have several family reunions. One family has been coming for more than 30 years and are like family to us. The ranch makes a great place for family reunions because reunions are required to rent all the cabins so basically, the ranch is totally there’s for the time they are here. They can sleep as late as they want and stay up as late as they want without being bothered or bothering other guests they don’t know.
We’ll be glad to work with you to make sure you have a safe and happy good time with your family so that you will want to come back again and again. We do have some rules. For instance if there are small children, because of the ponds, horses and equipment, we require a designated person to provide child care so that the kids don’t wander off, get injured or fall in a deep portion of a pond. We take RVs for those who want to bring theirs to the reunion and we also allow those staying elsewhere at night to come to the ranch during the day for a Day Use Fee. Working together, we’ll do our best to make this the best reunion you’ve ever had.


Warning: The following photos are of harvested animals taken on the ranch. If this offends you, please do not open this section.

While we do not allow hunting on the ranch, except for our family, North Idaho has great hunting, including white tail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, wolf, mountain lion, coyotes, grouse, water fowl and small game. In-State fees are extremely reasonable, and out-of -state hunting licenses are less than most other western states. Idaho Fish and Game has an excellent web-site to find out all the information you need at The ranch is abutted on both the west and the north by land open to the public for hunting and fishing, and the road into the National Forest is located within an eighth of a mile from the southwest corner of the ranch where you can hunt an area more than 50 X 30 square miles in Idaho (and many more in Montana) before coming to another paved road. The photos shown are examples of animals that run the valley and mountains next to the ranch.

Ranch Wildlife

Come to gorgeous Idaho!

Come to the Diamond T Guest Ranch and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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